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What is Jamboree?

          Jamboree got it’s beginning over 50 years ago  a few civic minded community leaders joined together to form what is an outstanding civic organization. It started as a vision to plan a “Hometown Celebration” for the community of Smithville. In Jamboree's early days, Jamboree was held on the streets of Downtown Smithville, today known as “Main Street”. There were food vendor’s, a soda booth, street dances, jelly and jam contest, bread making, watermelon booth, chicken booth and many other events. In the later years, Jamboree was moved to its current home of Riverbend Park. There have been many civic leaders who have been a part of this organization in the past such as Max Jones, chairperson in 1969. He was joined by other individual’s such as Charles Ebner, Mr. and Mrs. George Mick, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Scheler, Karen and Allan Bell and many more.


          Even though this celebration has gone on for more than 50 years, the heart and soul of Jamboree has never changed. This group is formed solely on volunteers from the community who have one goal in common and that is to give back to the community.  Currently the president, Johnnie Schroeder, leads a group of folks who dedicate their time to come out and work so that we may give back to the community in a variety of ways.  This organization supports local scholarships and donates to various organizations such as:  Smithville ISD, Bastrop County Go-Texan, Smithville Booster Club, Smithville Swing, Friends of the Library, Boys and Girls Club of Bastrop County, Project Graduation, Smithville Volunteer Fire Dept., Relay for Life and many more.  Along with the many donations we have given, we also give back to Riverbend Park. The facilities within the Chuck Wagon Square area were built and provided by the Smithville Jamboree Committee.


          The Jamboree Committee is a volunteer organization whose mission is to continue to provide a home town celebration once a year and in return give back to our community.  We are dedicated to providing for and helping other organizations throughout the year.  It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to put Jamboree on but being able to give back to the community in the end and provide the scholarship’s we do makes it all worthwhile.


          If you would like to volunteer your time or talents please attend our monthly meeting that is held the first Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at Smithville City Hall.


          Hope everyone comes out and allows us to continue the tradition and as always... the Critter Says “Y'all Come”. 

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